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Welcome to Fushigiboshi no Futago Hime Icontest. This is just like any other icontest, except the theme here is the ultra cute magical girl series, Fushigiboshi no Futago Hime. For this icontest, a challenge/theme is given every Friday, reminders are given every Sunday, deadlines are every Tuesday, voting ends every Wednesday, and results are posted on Thursday. Both icon makers and voters are welcome to this community!

1. No questionable content in your icons. This community is G-rated, and having an icon of Eclipse rumping Bright (no matter how much we love the couple) would be questionable content.
2. Fanart and doujinshi should not be used. Official art and screenshots are a better choice.
3. Animated icons are allowed.
4. Icons cannot exceed LiveJournal limits, which are 100 x 100, or 40 KB.
5. Do not vote for your own icon.
6. Do not vote for any icon more than once unless there are no other icons left.
7. Only members can vote.
8. Do not show anyone else the icon you're entering until after the results have been posted.

If entering your icon, please enter your icon in the format below.

Fine and Rein - Love Love Magic

The code for that would be...

<img src="URL OF YOUR ICON">

If you plan to vote, please present your vote in the format below.

1st: Icon #
2nd: Icon #
3rd: Icon #
Most Creative: Icon #
Special Category: Icon #

Special categories will be random wildcard categories when it comes to voting.

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